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Get access to Top Investment Properties and earn Up to 12 % Annual Return!


Always ahead of others

We can proudly say that we have the in-depth market knowledge and actionable intelligence factors. We work hard to be the first one to know about the best available investment opportunities.

360° analysis of the industry

We analyze all the trends and prevailing factors of the real estate industry. We give a transparent view to our lenders and clients about our working strategies and expected future-results.

Our investment strategy

Our first and foremost priorities are distressed and off-market properties. We work on fix-and-flip philosophy and most of our investment plans are based on this strategy.

Benefits to lenders

We borrow directly from private lenders as this is beneficial for both of us. Lenders will enjoy a higher interest rate and maximizing profit margins. Their money is also secured against a real estate property.



We know that our decisions impact the lives of our employees, lenders, suppliers, and clients. We have, therefore, set the highest standards of integrity towards our work and hold ourselves accountable at the highest level.


EFH Fund is a trusted name of real estate holdings fund based in Memphis TN. We aim to provide affordable housing solutions to tenants and first-time home-owners. We acquire, renovate, and lease residential, and at times, commercial real estate. We have a professionally trained team of apprentices who identify, locate and secure the distressed and off-market properties, that require a little or heavy renovation, at lower prices. We put our backbreaking efforts to renovate these homes/properties and then sell them with a significant profit margin.

Our mission is to be a helping hand for people who want to be passive real estate investors and the tenants. EFH Fund deals with its customers and suppliers like a royal king. We have gained a competitive edge over others because of our sprint to secure impending deals and creativity to fix-and-flip properties. We have a private lender program to benefit people who want to invest passively in real estate. EFH Fund provides a fair and rewarding experience to lenders.

EFH Fund’s vision is to successfully expand its operations in Memphis and the surrounding areas. We believe in thriving and growing together. Your money will be in trusted and capable hands, and our team of professionals strives to benefit you in all the possible ways. Join hands with us and enjoy a life-changing experience.


Andre Ester

Andre Ester is the owner of Global Business Finance Corporation (GBFC), LLC and President of Executive Funding Holdings, LLC.  Andre is a full-time Real Estate Investor, investing in single-family and small multi-family properties in Memphis, TN.  Andre has also invested in the metro Atlanta area and throughout New Jersey. 

Since 2005, Andre and his teams have done hundreds of real estate transactions.  Andre uses Private Lenders to fund his real estate purchases and has created “Win-Win” situations where the seller, the lender and the eventual homeowner can all “Win.”  Andre has raised millions for real estate investments and has successfully helped investors obtain a higher rate of return.  Andre is also responsible for negotiating sells with a team of apprentices for off-market properties and oversees construction of all properties with licensed contractors.  Regarding the re-sell of properties, Andre is very integrated with mortgage companies to help get 100% financing and facilitate an easy process for the potential home buyer.  He also works very closely with the real estate team to ensure a quick sale of the properties. 

In addition, Andre:

  • Attended 3 years at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, AR – pursued a degree in Computer Science and Business Management and left school early to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Andre is involved in high-level private masterminds with top investors throughout the country.  He has been mentored by many of the top gurus in real estate. 
  • Has over 10 years of funding experience with commercial, personal and business loans. 
  • Has over 15 years of Real Estate Investing experience of buying and flipping properties. 
  • Andre has over 15 years of experience in Business Management and managing groups of 30 or more people at a time. 

David Shell

David Shell is the COO of Executive Funding Holdings, LLC.  David is both a Real Estate Trainer and Speaker.  He and Andre are business partners and educate a large team of Real Estate Apprentices on finding discounted properties in Memphis, TN.  David and the realtor team help the apprentices acquire the properties so they can be rehabbed and then flipped quickly.  This process, in turn, becomes a winning situation for everyone. 

In addition, David:

  • Holds an MS Degree from Virginia Tech with a thesis completion at graduation.
  • Has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, including past experience as a Marketing Product Manager for a billion-dollar plus product at a large biotech company.
  • Holds a number of certifications in real estate investing and is involved in high-level private masterminds with top investors throughout the country.  
  • Business Trainer and consultant.  Certified Big Money Business Coach with extensive experience in coaching and mentoring both business owners and real estate investors to success. 
  • David has worked with some of the top Sales and Consulting Gurus in the country and has always had a thirst for entrepreneurial pursuits and continual growth and learning.
  • David’s philosophy on business is simple:  You can have everything in life if you will just help other people get what they want. 
  • And, most important, David is married with 2 daughters. 

Win-win scenario:
David and Andre are excited about this business because they are helping people.  What they found in dealing with private individuals is that many people, if not all, consistently complain about the same two things:  low returns on their investments and uncertainty of the stock market.  That is exactly why they created a system to achieve a higher rate of return.  They have dedicated their company to creating a program to address many of the problems experienced by private lenders. 

Their company has a bright future as they look to expand their business model into other fast-paced markets as they recognize the tremendous potential for growth.